All swimmer's guardians must provide fair share of cover as required by Swim Ireland

Guardians will receive an email documenting number of sessions they must supervise (will be updated as year progresses). They may enter details on rota on a 1st come 1st served basis.

The Rota will initially be open until end of December and then for remainder of year.

Everyone will be expected to cover their share of sessions throughout the year and those who put themselves forward for more sessions voluntarily, have less chance of sessions being allocated randomly. Should children move squads or leave the club another email will be sent asking guardians to replace revelant sessions and should this not happen voluntarily those that have volunteered for least number of sessions will be allocated these sessions to cover.

Should a swimmer replace another swimmer in a squad, guardians will be expected to cover sessions previous swimmer was allocated.

Those that have not allocated themselves to rota throughout the year can expect to have a lot of sessions allocated randomly towards the end of the year!

Weekly updates will be provided by Whatsapp to serve as a reminder.

It is the responsibility of allocated person to supervise or organise alternate arrangements with another person.

Supervision Duties

• Arrive 15 minutes before session

• Complete your own Health Declaration

• Ensure Swimmers & Coaches have their Health Declaration completed

• Only 6 Swimmers allowed in Group Changing Rooms

• Ensure No Sharing of Cubicles (except family members)

• Remind Swimmers to put bags in Lockers

• Remind All Swimmers to Social Distance

• Direct B Squad Swimmers to walk via the back of Children’s Pool

• Ensure Changing Rooms empty before allowing finishing Squad enter

• Remind Swimmers to exit via the Group changing room doors

• If child taken ill contact Parent and Aura Management

• Report Concerns or Breaches of Covid Regulations to Lead Covid Officer

• Remain 15 minutes after session

Important: Swim Ulster have indicated that should parents supervise more than one session for same group of children in a given week they should be Garda Vetted.

Should anyone wish to be Garda Vetted please contact to begin the process.