Our coaches run assessment trials a few times a year depending on capacity within the club. If you are interested in joining Swilly Seals please contact with details of your children (Name, Age) and contact details.

Registration for 2021/2022


Registration for the next season of Swilly Seals swimmers will be Virtual (Electronic or via Post), it will start from the day that you receive email and will conclude on the Tuesday 31st of August.

In order to renew your child(ren) membership the parent/guardian that does the supervision MUST have COVID-19 certification from Swim Ireland.

The Certification takes 20 minutes to complete and they provide a Certificate at the end. This certificate is required to renew your membership.

For returning members this will already have been completed. New members must complete and should send screenshot/scan of certificate along with registration.

Please email with email subject Registration for 2021/2022 and attach

  • Completed forms as below for all swimmers

  • Evidence of fees paid or Standing order mandate with instructions to pay throughout year (to be paid in full by end of May 2022)

  • Screenshot or evidence of completion COVID-19 certification so parent supervising is qualified to act as covid officer.

By providing details at registration you agree for your data to be used for the above means.


All swimmers and parents/guardians must sign the Swilly Seals Code of Conduct. We strongly advise you to look at this form again to remind yourself what you signed up for. Please pay particular attention to point 3 regarding supervision and point 18 regarding fundraising.


The supervision rota will be available via supervision page on website.

Supervision Duties

The supervising parent now has two roles in the current situation. As per previous guidance

they should be in attendance 15 minutes before a session and remain in the changing area up

to 15 minutes afterwards. They will have to be more proactive in the role of Covid Officer.

When a swimmer presents on deck they should be asked have they put away their kit bag and if

not sent back to do so. They need to ensure that the changing rooms are clear of changeover

squad members before letting a finished squad in. They need to enforce the Covid Instructions,

not sharing cubicles, exiting rooms and so forth.

In the role as Covid Officer if there are any breaches or queries surrounding same they should

be brought to the attention of the Lead Covid Officer

Further info on Supervision here


Point 18 of the Code of Conduct reads: “Fundraising is for the benefit of all swimmers; all families are expected to participate in fundraising events. Lack of funds will lead to an increase in fees.” You will be asked to sign up for one of these fundraisers. All families benefit from reduced fees.


  • Registration forms at the bottom of this page

  • Swilly Seals Registration Form

  • Swilly Seals Code of Conduct

  • Swilly Seals Supervision Document

  • Swim Ireland Registration Form

  • Swim Ireland Code of Conduct

  • Covid return to water Self declaration form

Swilly Seals Bank Account Details


IBAN: IE65BOFI90491591599513

Account Details

Branch: BOI Letterkenny

Account: Swilly Seals ASC

Sort: 904915

Account number: 91599513

FEES FOR 2021/2022:

Fees have been reduced to 2019/2020 levels in recognition of current difficulties.

  • A Squad = €570

  • B Squad = €500

  • C Squad = €425

  • Pups = €200

There will be a €50 reduction for each additional family member(exclude Pups).


Swilly Seals uses WhatsApp to communicate updates and notifications related to training and galas.

Click on link here on a Whatsapp enabled device to join the group


Swilly Seals hat

Goggles (Please have spare pair)

Fins (available online)


Optional - some will be provided at sessions

Kick Board

Pull Buoy

2019 Swim Ireland - empty .pdf
2019 SS Forms - empty.pdf
Self-Declaration-Form-08.04.21 (2).pdf