External training and return from lockdown May 2021

Return to Outdoor Training Protocols Swilly Seals

Return to Outdoor Training Protocols Swilly Seals

Hello everyone and welcome back to Swilly Seals for what is a first for the club in that we are organising outdoor land-based training for the coming weeks. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic the opening of swimming pools cannot occur until 7th June and we will have to wait for the Aura to return before pool-based training can re commence

This document is attempting to be as robust as possible but if any club member has suggestions please do not hesitate to share with the Club Committee.

70 members indicated that would take part in this training and for that purpose 5 Pods have been generated.

We have split the Pods as close as possible to Squads and Schools. We have to be COVID-19 aware and if we had a mixture of Secondary School students and National School if any COVID-19 related outbreaks or isolations occurred we wanted to minimise the disruption not alone to training but also the wider community circle.

In that regards Pods 1 & 2 contain all the Secondary School Students

Pod 3, 4 & 5 contain all National School Pupils


Unlike other sports we do not have our own facilities and for that purpose we are utilising the Astro Turf at the Aura on Wednesday evenings

On Saturday mornings we will be using the Astro Turf Pitch facilities at Letterkenny Community Centre.

Each training session will last for approximately 50 mins

Pods for Training

The list of each member assigned to a Pod is at the end of this document

Wednesday at Aura

Pods 3, 4 & 5 will train between 6.30p.m and 7.20p.m.

Pods 1 & 2 will train between 7.30p.m. And 8.20p.m.

Saturdays at Letterkenny Community Centre

Pods 1 & 2 will train between 9am and 9.50a.m.

Pods 3, 4 & 5 will train between 10a.m and 10.50am

Arrival at Venue

Swimmers are asked to be prompt not to attend for training until 5 minutes before their time. The Swimmers in Pods 1 & 2 are asked to come with Face Coverings, and these can be removed once the session commences.

Swimmers in Pods 3, 4 & 5 are encouraged to wear face coverings until such time as their session also starts.

If any participant has reasons for not to wear same this is accepted and the National Guidance on children Under 13 and wearing of same stands.

The Aura currently have no outdoor sanitising stands, so swimmers are asked to sanitise before arrival and as soon as possible upon leaving venue

The Community Centre has hand sanitizers attached to both entrance gates for use


As this is land based exercise if any swimmer was to bring a Mat as an aid they may do so, but the club will not be providing any equipment and Mats should not be shared.

Changing Rooms

There are no changing facilities available at the Aura. The Community Centre have an open-ended Marquee which provides shelter only and no privacy, so Swimmers are asked to come in clothing suitable for training and the prevailing weather conditions at the time

Kit Bags

Any Kit bags can be stored around the perimeter fencing of the venues but as these will not be secure, please ensure nothing of value is held within same

Crossover of Sessions

At the end of each session swimmers are asked to leave the venue immediately especially if a second session has been held.

Parents are asked to support this by returning at the end time as it is only natural for children of these age groups to congregate easily and we do want to avoid the potential for any adverse outcomes


Coaches are in charge of each session and they will be adhering to the Swim Ireland guidelines in regard to training. They too should be mindful of their own position and maintain 2 metres distance from the group and other coaches.

Supervising Parent

As part of Swim Ireland Policy all activities undertaken by Swimming Clubs in any environment or format must have a supervising parent present. As with pool training the parent has two roles in the current situation. As per previous guidance they should be in attendance 5 minutes before a session and remain until the swimmers have left the venue. While meeting the children collecting the form taking attendance, they should wear face coverings but once the swimmers are in position this can be removed once they are not in close contact with same.

If there are any breaches of COVID-19 Protocols this should be brought to the attention of the Coach and or the Lead COVID-19 Officer via email.

Rota available on supervision page of website or here

Parents Staying at Venues

Parents are asked not to congregate around the venue at both locations which have enough space that if they wish to engage with other parents to maintain social distancing guidance and wear masks if in close contact with the participants

Child taken Ill

If a child is poorly during a session the supervising parent will isolate that child from the group and contact their parent. The Aura have not clarified if they have an isolation area identified currently but the Community Centre has a clearly defined isolation room on site.

With that in mind parents are asked to keep your contact phone switched on or provide a contact phone that someone on your behalf can attend at short Notice.

Swim Ireland Forms

On the first attendance at training Swimmers/Coaches will have two Forms completed the first is titled a Pre-Commencement of Training Form and the second is the Health Declaration that we are all familiar with

Pre-commencement of Training Form

There is now an additional form to be completed which is to be completed once off and Swimmer/Coaches Club Officers that completes this for the dryland training will not have to complete same when returning to the Pool.

If a Swimmer does not complete this, they cannot return to club activities.

Declaration of Health`

The Declaration of Health Form must be completed and handed in before each session by Swimmers, Coaches and Supervising Parent as with Pool Training

These declarations are an important part of the Return to Swimming Protocols and must be completed before each session.

Parental Support

The club like a lot of the country has not functioned for almost 5 months now and it is incumbent on everyone to stick to the guidelines to keep everyone safe and continue to now move forward.

We would ask that you explain and encourage your children to adhere to the new procedures which will become second nature after a short time.

The notification that your child is fit to train under the COVID-19 Protocols is essential, if you have any doubts please urge on the side of caution.

A declaration must be made for each session

COVID-19 Related Illness

Everyone hopes that no member or family members are exposed or contract the Virus if this is the case we would ask that contact be made via the Lead COVID-19 Officer and all Public Health and Government guidelines will be followed.

We have a large group of swimmers who attend all levels of education at a host of different locations and unfortunately levels of COVID-19 within Donegal remain the highest in the country it is essential that we adhere to all measures that will culminate in the return to pool training on its identified date. If our measures are maintained and depending on the individual circumstances a decision will be in consultation with Public Health made as to what level of restriction may have to be invoked to maintain everyone’s safety.


If everyone can follow the following process

Complete the Pre-Commencement Training & Health Declaration Form

Come Training Ready

Sanitise hands

Wear Face Covering

Arrive and Depart Promptly

Don’t share possessions

Don’t bring valuables in Kit bags but please bring mat or towel if possible

Adhere to advice of Coaches/Supervising Parent

Please see POD lists as shared viat whatsapp


Swilly Seals Committee